True story of Immigration, Melting Pot, Sacrifice. WAY bigger than Fiddler on the Roof!


True events stretching from post-War Warsaw all the way before Crusades. Who needs fiction?  


Shidduch Date Package

A meaningful date in Brooklyn. Something new and exciting.

Birthday Party

An extraordinary, ideas-focused, meaningful party for any age


Was an amazing reunion for the entire family - we rented both rooms and had 24 players. We ended with an an amazing pizza party in the party room. The owner is incredibly helpful and attentive!

I've been to over 10 escape rooms. This was by far the most enjoyable, and also the most engaging. The technology was top rate, the puzzles were intriguing, yet enjoyable, and overall, the atmosphere was meaningful. It sure beats escaping gruesome doctors, murderers, kidnapers, etc. Manager was wonderful and gracious. Highly recommended!

The Best Escape Rooms We have ever done! Worth the Schelp to Brooklyn



An elegant space for small events of up to 30 people.


More than anything, we believe that our leisure experiences need to uplift and refine us, provide food for thought. We created a Museum of the Jewish people that tells authentic stories through immersion, touch, laughter, melody and even dance! Escape Room is the medium, the door. EVERYONE (Jewish or not!) is invited to enter our  history through this wide door... 


MIDWOOD – The news of a Jewish-themed escape room opening in Midwood has been met with a good bit of snark lately on social media. That’s not really surprising – for fairly obvious reasons if you know anything about modern Jewish history. And an escape room in Prague called “Escape from Auschwitz” was recently shuttered after a barrage of complaints. More.

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We’ve heard of escape room experiences inspired by everything from zombie horror to Sherlock Holmes, but how about Hebrew history? OneBefore — which is billed as the first Jewish escape room in America — is now open in Brooklyn, New York, featuring puzzles based on the literature, genealogy, and traditions of Judaism. More.

You know that awful nightmare you have where you’re stuck in Europe on the eve of the Holocaust and your family can’t get visas and you end up trapped in an attic, trying not to breath as SS soldiers march beneath you? Wild rumors are spreading throughout the Jewish world by ear and by Internet claiming that a Brooklyn escape room game will soon allow Jews to re-experience these collective traumas, for a small fee, of course.


Not so fast. More.


The Avenue M shopping district is a Flatbush hub, filled with kosher eateries, bakeries, and a requisite Judaica outlet. Now there’s a new store in town, but it’s not another upscale café or bookseller. It’s an escape room, and it’s actually kosher. More.


The clock is ticking and you have only five minutes left to solve a mystery and escape the room... Congratulations, you have just entered the exciting world of escape rooms, where participants use clues to solve a series of puzzles, unlock doors and boxes, and escape the room within the time limit. Today, we're meeting Mr. Gamliel Beyderman of One Before Escape, the first Jewish escape room in Brooklyn, New York. More.

Over his Chanukah break, my 14-year old yeshiva bochur went to an unusual entertainment venue called “Escape Room” in Manhattan along with his whole class.He felt thrust into an extraordinary situation (“You have on hour to break out of the sinking sub before you run out of oxygen!”), an actor in an interactive movie. The classmates were briefly told the story outline and then the door was locked behind them. More.


One Before was my first experience in an Escape Room. It far surpassed my expectations. I could not believe how brilliantly and professionally designed the Jewish -themed escape room in Flatbush was. More.


So your friends are all talking about escape rooms, and you’re wondering what in the world they are, and what’s the big deal over them. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers for you right here. More.

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Think fast: you have an extra $100 to splurge. How will you spend it? These days, more and more people are choosing to buy experiences such performances or concerts, travel, painting, pottery classes, or yoga sessions instead of tangible items. Shoe lovers may not agree, but experts believe this form of expenditure leads to more overall happiness. More.


One Before Escape, a Jewish Escape Room in the heart of Brooklyn, had opened. Escape rooms have been spreading rapidly across the globe, growing in the thousands. Now it has finally crossed over into the Jewish sector too. An escape room is an interactive physical game. A group of players get locked in a room with a theme, a guiding story, and have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape. The players have a time limit, usually 60 minutes, to escape. More.