You will visit a seemingly undestinguihsed Ellis Island office, complete with the now famous suitcases. The documents, photographs, subtle inscriptions conceal a lot. The names all tell a story of the Polonsky family journey from Europe to America. You will reconstruct a real Family Tree.  


Once the Tree is out of the way, a new dimension of the space is revealed ushering the visitor deeper into the escape room, and yet deeper into Dr. Paull's past. Welcome to the world of the legendary mystic, the Shpoler Zeide: go ahead touch his dusty tomes on the shelves and play a part in redeeming an innocent captive, right here! Everything is a part of the escape, from the tune to the clothing to the dance!  Dr. Paull's journey to reconnect with the Zeide is a metaphor for so much more...Book!


While developing our escape room, we realized the guests are required to think and act like detectives. A family historian is not just content with the original picture he found of his great grandfather, but rather goes on to the phone numbers of the people who made it and continues further and further from there.

In the escape room, make sure to share your findings with the team members! You definitely need each other's insights, and everyone has something valuable to contribute in this frantic race against the clock!

So is our family hostorian, busy collecting and sharin his findings with his family members, soliciting their valuable memories, input, and revelations, all helping to complete his goal of uncovering and forming his Family Tree. We aim to get you to experience the fusion of family history and an escape room: finding clues and connections to bring out the ultimate detective of your own past!