A Meaningful Shidduch Date In Brooklyn

Why date at a Brooklyn escape room?

When you are dating someone with whom you might spend the rest of your life with, you want to determine that you can work together, communicate and share goals in how your family will look like. A date at a movie theater provides little information on compatibility and a restaurant date can be an embarrassing, traumatic experience where you struggle to come up with topics to discuss...


 A date at the Jewish escape room will be a fun, memorable and unique experience that will definitely impress your date with your creativity and intelligence. There is no need for small talk or breaking the ice; when you are working together on a fun activity, there is no need to worry about generating conversation topics. You will be able to see your potential partner’s personality and how well they can work under pressure in an inspiring and educational environment.


(Why you should go on an escape room date) 


After your game you will be able to watch a replay in our elegant party room/art gallery over a Latte. Feel free to bring your own food!


*Not Yichud

Latte is Cholov Yisroel

The days when hotel lounge dates were even remotely acceptable, have been over ever since the opening of OneBefore Escape!


Introducing the Jewish Escape Room Shidduch Date Package


Two hour experience


  • Private escape room game 

  • Watch a replay of your game in our elegant party room/art gallery 


All for only $100! (You save $200 on party room rental and escape room games)


Reservation must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Call 718-975-0331 or email info@onebeforeescape.com to reserve.