We are now taking you on a journey to meet the legendary  Reb Pinchas from Koritz! Travel through time (long, long time - 20 generations of the Shapiro dynasty)  to find the greatest treasure of the Jewish people. Share in the exhilaration of saving the manuscripts of Reb Pinchas from the flames of the Holocaust. You will be exposed to some of the most complex escape room puzzles to unlock the door into the world of Reb Pinchas's medieval ancestor - known by the title of his Kabbalistic work, the Megaleh Amukos.  Be a part of his self-imposed exile and a riveting rescue. The culmination of the experience is the touching story of Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki), the greatest Bible commentator of all time. Book!

A community visits the Rashi Escape Room