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Contact: Gamliel Beyderman, Founder

Phone: 718-975-0331

Email: info@onebeforeescape.com

Contact: Dr. Shoshannah Brombacher
Phone: 718-339-2779
Email: shoshbm@gmail.com

America’s First Jewish Escape Room Partners with a Leading Artist to Turn a Party Room Into a Fine Art Gallery!


“The Life and Stories of the Shpoler Zeide,” Original paintings and drawings by Shoshannah Brombacher are now exhibited at OneBefore Escape, crafting a unique experience crossing from Gaming to Fine Art.

[Brooklyn, NY, December, 2018] OneBefore, the newly-opened Jewish Escape Room in Brooklyn partners with Dr. Shoshannah Brombacher, a Judaic scholar, author and artist originally from Amsterdam to exhibit the “The Life and Stories of the Shpoler Zeide” in a unique setting.

An escape room is an interactive and immersive game in a room setting - a "scavenger hunt in a room." Players are locked in a room and need to escape by solving a series of puzzles and riddles under a time limit.

The escape room dramatizes the genealogical discoveries made by Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull in his quest to illuminate his family’s lost connection to noble past. At the center of those discoveries is Paull’s illustrious ancestor known as the Shpoler Zeide.


Shoshannah Brombacher took up the challenge to paint the famous Trial of the Shpoler Zeide, which is one of the most difficult subjects she ever . In her own words: “This theme is so awe inspiring that I postponed painting it for years. But when I started I could not stop.”

Gamliel Beyderman, the founder of OneBefore, learned that Dr. Shoshannah Brombacher, President of the American Guild of Judaic Art, has illustrated a book on the Shpoler Zeide, written by Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull, and scheduled for publication in 2019. Beyderman and Brombacher agreed to create a special exhibit of original drawings which are currently on view in the venue’s special events space. Beyderman feels “the art represented in the new gallery is the most fitting continuation of the escape room experience. Our venue is about ideas - and the most fitting background to continue to meditate on those ideas is Shoshannah’s exquisite art!”

The art can be viewed during the venue’s working hours. Prints are available. Digital catalog available upon on request.

OneBefore Escape is a part of the global escape room phenomenon, as well as an immersive museum of how technology allows us to trace our roots to the most illustrious leaders of the Jewish people. The visitors are tasked with re-living the true story of Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull, who traced his lineage to the greatest saints and sages of the Jewish people, the Shpoler Zaide, Rashi and ultimately King David. OneBefore is in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, near the numerous kosher restaurants, shops and steps from the subway.

Shoshannah Brombacher is a Judaic scholar, author and artist originally from Amsterdam, who now lives in Brooklyn. She has been painting Chassidic stories since she discovered them long ago in her father’s study in Holland.  Her style is colorful and lively, reminiscent of Marc Chagall. 


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Gamliel Beyderman at 718-975-0331, or email info@onebeforeescape.com 

The venue’s web site is OneBeforeEscape.com

Call Shoshannah Brombacher at 718- 339 2779, or email shoshbm@gmail.com. Her web site is www.absolutearts.com/s/portfolios/shoshannah