We were not the first!

“It always takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you think it will“

This well known expression deftly addresses the common occurrence of human miscalculation. We see this going back to as early as the Jewish People themselves, waiting for Moses to return with the tablets from G-D. 40 days they are told to wait for this magnificent occasion. However the Jewish People miscalculate the 40 days and, thinking that Moses should be back already, they panic and create the golden calf.

Fast forward to the destruction of the First Temple and the Babylonian Exile. Jeremiah foretold that the Jewish People would be redeemed from the Babylonian Exile after 70 years (Jeremiah 29:10). However he did not clarify how those 70 years were to be calculated. King Belshazzar of Babylon miscalculated this time frame and wrongly concluded that the 70 years were up. He proceeded to celebrate with a lavish feast, his assumption and excitement that the Jewish People would never leave exile. This feast based of his miscalculation, accompanied with him display of contempt for G-D, cost him both his life and his empire.

Not long after came the notorious king Achashveirosh. He too misjudged the end of the 70 year prophecy. And so, he made his famous feast, delighting in the misfortune of the Jews. Yet to his great sorrow he proceeded to kill his wife Vashti, and the rest of the famous Purim story ensued.

We find this theme yet again, regarding that which is closest to the heart of a Jew. For Millennia, Jews have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Moshiach. As is stated in the 12th of Maimonides ‘13 Principles of Faith’: “I believe with perfect faith in the coming of Moshiach, and even though he may delay nevertheless, I will wait for him everyday, that he will come”. Calculations have been made throughout history as to the arrival of Moshiach, without success. Yet we say in the 15th blessing in the Amida prayer “Speedily cause the scion of David (i.e. Moshiach) your servant to flourish… for we hope for your salvation all day” We ask of G-D to send Moshiach speedily, in the merit of our hope.

Who are we to compare ourselves to the holy stature of the Jews when they were waiting to receive the Torah, or to the might and power of Kings Belshazzar and Achashveirosh? However we are all susceptible to the all-too- human pitfalls of miscalculation and delay. The OneBefore Escape Room is still on its journey to open its doors and provide the most incredible and thought provoking Jewish experience to all. Even though we were convinced we would be open in the Fall!

We continuously toil to bring about the grand opening, and, like most other businesses, are subject to the honest reality of the previously stated rule of thumb “It always takes twice as long… as you think it will”. And in the merit of our hope and effort may we have our opening day very soon (along with the Final Redemption)!

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