An elegant space for small events of up to 30 people.

Welcome to the OneBefore Party Room!


  • Birthday Parties​

  • Small Simchas

  • Corporate Events

  • Team Building Events

  • Bat Mitzva

  • Sheva Brachot

Call us 718-975-0331 or Email us for rates and packages

What's Included?

  • Party Room

  • Escape Room (optional)

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Free Wifi

  • Food (optional)

  • Tablecloth and Cutlery (optional)

Our Party Room is located right near home, in Brooklyn NY. (We have an Escape Room on premise You can rent the party hall together with the escape room or just the party hall on its own.) Our hall/gallery can hold up to 30 people. This space is great for birthday parties, corporate events and meetings.


Options: 1) The $100/hour rate includes just the party room.


2) Full package: Party Room 1 hour + Escape Rooms 1 hour + Catering/ Cutlery. $37 per person/


We have partnered with Dr. Shoshannah Brombacher, a Judaic scholar, author and artist originally from Amsterdam to exhibit the “The Life and Stories of the Shpoler Zeide” in a unique setting. Our escape room dramatizes the genealogical discoveries made by Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull in his quest to illuminate his family’s lost connection to noble past. At the center of those discoveries is Paull’s illustrious ancestor known as the Shpoler Zeide.

We created a special exhibit of original drawings which are currently on view.  The art represented in the new gallery is the most fitting continuation of the escape room experience. Our venue is about ideas - and the most fitting background to continue to meditate on those ideas is Shoshannah’s exquisite art.