TOP 8 (!) JEWISH Reasons To Visit An Escape Room

1  Date Night

If you are taking someone out on a Shidduch date, one way to make a memorable impression is to take your date to an escape room. When taking someone out to dinner, you need to hone up on your best schmoozing skills, and schvitz through your best suit trying to make small talk. This becomes unnecessary if you visit an escape room instead, where you can go straight to showing off your Gemarra Kup.

2  The Infamous Screens

For parents, it is always heartwarming to take your kids to the park as another setting for you to watch them to have their eyes and hands glued to some device with a screen. At least they are farshtuping their kup in some fresh air. If this doesn’t appeal to you, take your kids out to an escape room where they will get a real break from the screens while realizing that they can still have fun.

3  Experience the Unknown and Be Back in Time for Supper

If you have children in school, they may assure you with absolute confidence that their school is a jail and their classroom a jail cell. You yourself may empathize with their plight, imagining your work space to be a battleground. Why not experience these settings a little more realistically, and maybe even come to appreciate your real life situation. Escape rooms are arranged in various kinds of settings, such as prison cells, science labs, and even the oval office. You can get a real feel for so many situations that would be otherwise out of your reach. Besides, you might need to use your experience as a mashal in your Shabbos Drasha, since you never know how long it will take to put everyone into a deep schluff.

4  Yiddishe Kup

If you think that taking a break from shteiging and shiurim with turn your brain into chicken soup, fear not. Filling that break by going to an escape room will actually exercise your brain, since escape rooms are essentially puzzles within puzzles. So even if your goal is just to strengthen your gevaldik yiddishe kup and become a sharper learner, an escape room is the place to be.

5 Family Bonding

Here we present a weekday option for family bonding in addition to the traditional Jewish way of Shabbos and Yom Tov meals. You know…, that time when everyone takes on the challenges of who can “nu-nu” louder after washing for hamotzie, or how many Mazal Tovs over broken dishes can happens in one night. Going to an escape room is a great family activity because so much of it is about communicating directly with each other and working towards a shared goal. You can even take the bubbies and zaidies along because of the wide range of ages an escape room is good for. Besides, practicing some good communication with the shver and shviger might not be such a bad idea.

6 Chol Hamoed

If you think your children, especially your older ones, want to be schlepped on a visit to the zoo during Chol Hamoed just like last year… and the year before that… and the year before that… let us save you some kvetching. They don’t. But what else is there to do on the second, third, and fourth day of Chol Hamoed you might ask? An escape room is exactly what you need to fill the time. No preparation needed (except for the tuna and eggsalad sandwiches, and potato chips just in case) and fun for everyone that goes. The real chidush though, is that Mommy and Tatty get to enjoy too!

7 Bein Hazmanim

We are talking here about those special times between school break and camp, school break and pesach, or just plain old school break. If this doesn’t ring a bell, think of the times when either the noise level at home reaches decibels that are quite unhealthy, or there is absolute silence as any and all devices with a screen attached is given its tachlis in life. This is when escape rooms come in to save the day. Open in all the seasons, take your kids/siblings to have some fun, or alternatively, leave them at home while you escape to an escape room.

8  Going Out With Friends

Going out with friends is always enjoyable, but visiting the same pizza and ice cream shop in the schuna again and again can get a bit old. Trying an escape room with friends for a change is something that even your local seminary or yeshiva shouldn’t have a problem with. After all, it’s fun kosher entertainment. You can almost hear the yente’s kvelling at the sound of that. Seriously though, it is an awesome experience to have with your friends, creating memories you can share forever. With so many Jewish reasons to visit an escape room, what could be better than visiting a Jewish escape room? Well, we just so happen to be building a Jewish escape room, the perfect place to bring your chevra, your mishpacha, and your local Rabbi would probably appreciate an invite too.

Our escape rooms will thrust you into true stories of Tzaddikim and our goal is to make your time with us as meaningful as possible. We want you to play an active part in historical events you might have never heard of. Come on over!