A birthday commemorates the day on which G‑d said to you: "You, as an individual, are unique and irreplaceable. No person alive, no person who has ever lived, and no person who shall ever live, can fulfill the specific role in My creation I have entrusted to you..." We feel a birthday party celebration should have meaning, joy, personal growth - in addition to fun (without fun it's not a party!)

If you are looking for an extraordinary, ideas-focused, meaningful venue for a small (under 30 person) tween, teen, or adult birthday party - please consider us. Just mention 'Escape Room' to your tween or teenage kids, and this maybe the only birthday option they will consider! We offer a comprehensive package and take care of every detail - so you can focus on growing on your special day:

  • Two Escape Rooms ranked as NYC's #1 Ethnic Experience, actively supervised by trained game masters who provide hints throughout the games

  • An elegant fine art gallery/party room

  • Kosher Pizza and Ice Cream Birthday Cake, drinks

  • Table and chair setup complete with tablecloths, plates, cups and utensils 

 ONLY $37/person - compare to other Brooklyn options (more easily viewed on a desktop)!


To provide an almost limitless array of hand-picked party room entertainment options, we have partnered with Half-Full Entertainment.

Half-Full is a full-service event planning  shop that will provide the choicest options for your event at our venue (not included in the basic package price). Please see a small sampling of their offerings for adults and children.


Our Escape Rooms carry the names of two Jewish sages. It's not a coincidence. The entire idea of creating escape rooms around stories of the righteous people is an exciting new development. 

Entertainment that is communicating timeless values is extremely rare. An escape room that imparts virtues, positivity, education is the beginning of a new era! 

As the post-party dust settles and your child has a few moments to think, she will remember the lessons of the TRUE stories she encountered here: the Zeide's self-sacrifice, the generosity of a broken war refugee who gave all he has to save an ancient manuscript, the saintliness of the Megaleh Amukos, and Rashi's father's selflessness... We guarantee that if you use our guide in your post-party discussions with your child, she will grow from the experience  and become a more refined human being!


Veronica P.: "Everything was great! Thanks a lot! All my guests are very happy and impressed! I am desperately looking forward to see the pictures!"

Inna K.: "Our son and his friends love the space and the escape rooms - especially being able to play both rooms on the same day!"


Chaim P.: "Everyone loved the event! Now they know grandma and grandpa can throw a great party!"

Chumie T.: "Our daughter loved her event. I have already recommended the venue to so many people!"


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