With Gratitude to Hashem...

Sarah Rachel grew up and is excited to share in the joys and responsibilities of being a young Jewish woman. She needs to know that the event on that invitation on our coffee table is not the end of anything; it is just the beginning! 

Our Bat Mitzvah celebration is much more than frivolous partying and fun. Rather the event is a solemn — albeit joyous — occasion meant to symbolize a young adult's commitment to devote her life to holiness and spirituality. This should be taken into consideration when planning this special event, with care taken that the atmosphere should reflect this concept. 

And while it is so easy to get caught up with the details of the party, the party is not the Bat Mitzvah. The Bat Mitzvah happens with or without the party...

The Day Has Come

That week is here. The Bat Mitzvah event - when Sarah Rachel's classmates, cousins, friends will join the event. And there is much left to do. But isn’t that the point? There should always be more to do. There should always be something unfinished to motivate us to do more. One way or another, the room will come together. 

This is her beginning. This is her start. As prepared as she hopefully will be, this is only her first step. Her Bat Mitzvah is her time to shine. It is her time to be the star. But the next morning is what really counts. When she wakes up as a Jewish woman. When she wakes up as a Bat Mitzvah. And when she recognizes that all the learning and development will only continue and grow.

We Want Your Event to Be Bursting With Meaning!

There is a saying from the Baal Shem Tov,  “Bemakom shemachshavto shel adam, sham hu nimtza” -  “Where a person's thoughts are, that's where he is.” What better place to hold your daughter's special event than a place teaching about the life of Tzaddikim? In our Shpola Room your guests' minds become completely immersed in trying to put together Dr. Paull’s Rabbinic lineage, up to the well-known Tzaddik, the Shpoler Zeide. Your guests will be led into the world of a favored childhood story  and into the origins of a popular lively Niggun (song)!

Puting Mitzvah Back in Bat Mitzvah!


The entire idea of creating escape rooms around stories of Tzaddikim is an exciting new development in authentic Jewish entertainment. Authentic because there exists ample Jewish entertainment that has been or is wildly popular, from the Yiddish Theatre on Broadway to modern Israeli singer Netta Barzilai, winner of the 2018 Eurovision Contest. Yet this category of entertainment is Jewish only when under the label of culture, or at least performed or composed by Jews. 

Entertainment that is authentically Jewish, communicating timeless Jewish and Torah values, is extremely rare. In fact, we are left lacking, apart from the occasional Jewish concert and high school production. An escape room that imparts Jewish virtues is hopefully just the beginning of a new era in Jewish entertainment!

Please call or email to arrange your truly special event. We promise you will be amazed at how easy it is to create an even that will provide deep Torah nachas (and yes, amazing fun!) to both parents, guests and most importantly, Sarah Rachel, your precious BIG girl!